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What is Motorama Ford's Lifecycle Check-Up?

As your Ford gets older, you might have a few questions about the associated future costs of maintaining it. Our Lifecycle Check-Up answers a few of the most commonly asked questions. 

  • When does my warranty expire?
  • How much do I owe on my loan?
  • What are my upcoming servicing costs?
  • What would it cost to change cars?
  • What's my car worth?

At your Lifecycle Check-Up you'll receive specialised information prepared for you and your Ford, at any stage of the ownership cycle, whether it's out of Capped Price Servicing or out of Warranty.

Coming in for service? Just mention you would like a free Lifecycle Checkup when booking your service, or whilst waiting for your car!

Who Are You?

Who Are You?

The Upsizer

The Upsizer had a lifecycle check up and told our consultant she loved her small sedan and had not considered upsizing as she believed her car did the trick and ticked all the boxes. However after going over her options and her upcoming servicing and warranty expiry dates she thought upsizing to a larger car could be the way to go. She took all this information home to go over with her husband so they could have a think about there next move, her husband did want a larger vehicle. They ended up making a decision the next month and got into a brand new SUV which will be perfect for their long drives.

Who Are You?

The Downsizer

The Downsizers is a married couple that purchased their vehicles at the same time a few years ago.  They both chose their own car because they needed to have their own mode of transport. At the end of their loan term they decided to start sharing their car as they both had retired. The Downsizers were very happy to deal with our consultant and were estactic to drive away in their new vehicle together.

Who Are You?

The Upgrader

The Upgrader, who likes upgrading his car every four years and finds lifecycle check-up's very helpful as he knows where he is at within his loan and whether he is in a good position. He does this because he likes staying in his capped price servicing and keeping in warranty - he has come in for multiple lifecycle check-up's from when he first purchased his car. We stayed in contact with him letting him know where he was within his loan and his servicing. He ended up purchasing a new car. He loved his experience so much that he ended up getting his wife into a car as well and his daughter get into her first ever car.

Who Are You?

The Servicer

The Servicer was concerned with the servicing costs of his vehicle. He no longer needs to drive long distances or take the car on rough surface conditions for work, but finds the size perfect for his lifestyle. After chatting to our Lifecycle Specialist and seeing the options available to him, he was able to see the benefits of changing into a new version of the same vehicle - but this time in a different trim. The Servicer was very happy to reduce his servicing costs, but still maintain the perfect size car, all its features, now with even more manufacturer's warranty.

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